I just received this great story from Jim Bangs, a fellow traveler on the trail.

Hello Jeff, I am excited to read of your new business starting in Ottawa. This last summer I was on a tour of the Flint Hills and Prairie Spirit trails. I was about seven miles east of Ottawa and got a flat. My little Topeak mini pump did not work as it should have. I got enough air in the tire and backtracked to Ottawa. I was surprised there was not a bike shop in Ottawa to get aired up and purchase a new pump. I got ahold of an old friend on Facebook who connected me with a new friend here in Ottawa, Jarrett Owens. He gave me a ride to Walmart and we got aired up and I bought a floor pump to strap on to my ride for the rest of the trip. As I was riding my thoughts were what a great business opportunity for a bike shop in a town that not only has two great rail trails intersecting but is also a college town. I have a son who has relocated to Kansas City so I will be back to ride the trails again and will stop in and say hi in your shop. I wish you the best with your new shop!!

In my short time in Ottawa, I’ve met a lot of great people like Jarrett Owens, who always offer to help.  My hope is that the shop will be here to do our part and get people back on the road or the trail.  Can’t wait to help make some more stories.

Ottawa Bike and Trail Club