I am very pleased to announce that Ottawa Bike and Trail will be a Yuba Cargo Bike dealer!

We believe that bicycling is a viable form of transportation and more than just a fun recreational activity.

Yuba offers a full line of high-quality motorized and non-motorized cargo bikes that support modular accessories to allow you to customize your bike to meet your needs.  These bikes are designed to give you the flexibility to carry just about anything you want on your bicycle.  Most importantly, cargo bikes give families a great way to load up the kids, or the dog, for human-powered adventures.

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I think you’ll be blown away with the versatility and flexibility of these bikes.  I had an opportunity to test ride several models of Yuba Electric Bikes at the Interbike conference in Reno.  I was very impressed by how comfortable and nimble these bikes are, even with a full load.  The electric motor is a game changer and really increases the speed and range you can achieve on these bikes.

Seeing is believing.  If you are interested in cargo bikes but don’t know if they are right for you, we’d love to have you come by the shop for a test ride.  Or, if you’d like to schedule a test ride just contact us here.


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