Bicycle computers are game changer for cyclists. Todays computers are simple to use and provide excellent navigation, tracking, and safety features.  We sell both Wahoo and Garmin Computers.

Key Features:

Bicycle computers are the best way to track milage and performance as you ride.  They also make it easy to connect to applications like Strava and Ride with GPS to develop routes and provide historical tracking and analytics.   You can also find recommended routes and download them to your computer.  For example, all of the Ottawa Bike and Trail routes are available to download on Ride with GPS.  These applications are free to use but also have paid for features to provide more advanced tracking.

Live Tracking:  One of my favorite features of modern day bicycle computers is Live Tracking.  This feature allows your friends and family to track your location as you ride.  This can be setup to happen on-demand or automatically when you start a new ride.   When you start a new ride the computer will send an email letting your loved ones know you are starting a new ride.   They can then track your progress and see where you are, what speed you are moving at, etc.  This gives them peace of mind and would enables them to send help to your exact location if you should ever need it.  

What are the options?:

We carry a range of computers that have various features.  All of our computers will provide the basic tracking features described above and start at $249.  The price is generally determined by the more advanced features that the device provides, the screen size, and some of the other advanced tracking features.  For, example, some computers even have crash detection to send out an alarm in the case of an accident.

We can help you find the best computer to meet your needs.  Stop by our give us a call to discuss the options.

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