Bike lights are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment for a cyclist.  Having a good light can provide visibility for the rider, but more importantly it can make sure you are visible to drivers.  We can help you find just the right light for different riding conditions.

What type of light do I need?

We recommend both front and rear lights that are bright enough to be seen during the daytime if you are riding in traffic.   We also recommend lights with a blinking feature as this allows you to stand out from other lights on the road.      

What are the options?

All of our lights can be charged by plugging in to the wall like your phone.  This saves money on batteries and ensures that your light is ready to go whenever you are.  All of our lights also have the ability to be set to blinking for the extra visibility.  

Lights generally fall into those two categories; those that allow you to be seen and those that light up your way.  

To Be Seen Lights:  These lights start about about $18 dollars and provide enough illumination for you to be seen at night.  These are great for someone riding on well lit streets where you don’t need additional illumination to see where you are going.  These lights may not be bright enough to be seen during the day.

Lights for visibility:  More expensive lights provide enough illumination to light your way on a dark road or trail.  These lights are also good for being seen by drivers during the day or night.  Most also provide multiple brightness settings which allows you to change the amount of illumination to match different conditions and also extend battery life.  These lights start at about $30 and vary in price depending on the amount of illumination and battery life.

What about cheaper lights?

We only carry lights from proven manufactures light Giant and Blackburn.  These lights will provide long battery life and can be used in any weather.  We know from experience that some of the lower cost lights do not meet these quality standards.   

You can learn more about Giant Bicycle Lights here.

You can learn more about Blackburn Bicycle Lights here. 





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