Setting and tracking bicycle mileage goals is a great way to motivate yourself to ride your bike more.  We started the Ottawa Bike and Trail 2020 Club as a way to promote goal setting and to build a community to encourage each other to help meet our goals.  We currently have nearly 50 riders who have committed to a mileage goal for 2020.   If you haven’t joined the 2020 Club it’s not too late.  


Most people use Strava, Ride with GPS, or other apps to track their rides and mileage over time.  The great thing about these apps is that the basic tracking is free and you can access it on your cell phone.  What you may not know is that these apps also provide a way to set goals and to track your progress toward meeting these goals.   I’ve created two videos to show you how to set up tracking on Strava and Ride with GPS.  


Bicycle mileage goals in Strava

Stava is the most popular tracking application for cyclists.   The free version of Strava provides excellent mileage tracking.  However, to set and track goals in Strava you have to purchase one of their “Summit” modules.  Strava has many different modules you can purchase for a monthly or annual fee.  You can purchase one of their training modules for $2 per month that will provide tracking of an annual and monthly goal.   

I have put together a short video explaining how to add this module to your Strava account.

Bicycle mileage goals in Ride with GPS

Ride with GPS is another very popular mileage tracking application.  Ride with GPS also has a free version that provides basic tracking.  Unlike Strava, goal tracking in Ride with GPS is FREE!   Goal tracking is also is more advanced than Strava as it lets you set goals for any time period you want.  It also allows you to set time on the bike and elevation goals as well as making it easy to create challenge goals for your friends. 

I made a short video explaining how to set up goals in Ride with GPS.



Which Application Should I Use?

The question of which application to use depends on a lot of factors.  Both applications have very different approaches and target audiences.  Stava is targeted to a performance audience and puts a lot of focus on performance metrics.  While Ride with GPS also provides some good performance metrics their focus is more on route discovery and tracking the riding experience.  So, the decision to choose one app over the other will differ for each user depending on the type of tracking you want to do.  The important thing is to choose the app that makes it easy for you to track your rides consistently. 

I hope this post helps you get your annual goals set up so that you can be ready to start meeting your goals for 2020.

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