We do our best to stock our store with high-quality items that are a great fit for the type of riders in our area.  We want you to be able to touch and feel products before you make a purchase.  But, obviously, we can’t carry every available bicycle product in the store.  But you may not know we have access to over 50,000 quality bicycle products through our manufacturer and distributor relationships.  This includes all of the name brands that you might find online.  And, we can order them quickly and even deliver straight to your door.

What if I want an item you don’t have in the store?

It’s really easy.  Just let us know what you want and we’ll order it for you.  In many cases, we can even have the item delivered straight to your house!  


Find something online that you want?   Contact us on the phone or through the contact page on our website. 


We’ll see if the item is available and quote you a price.  If you like it, we’ll order it for you.  We can usually do this while you’re on the phone with us.


In many cases we can have the items shipped right to your door.   Or, if you prefer, you can pick it up in the shop.  Either way you’ll get your item quickly.

Why should I buy from you instead of online?

Well, if you are visiting this page I assume you enjoy having a local bike shop around.  Purchasing from your local bike shop ensures that we’ll be around to continue to provide all of the services, events, and support when you need us.  It also means you’re supporting the local economy.  We purchase many services and products from local businesses and also pay local and state taxes.  But that’s not all, when you buy from us you get a higher level of service and support than you’ll get from an online retailer.  The item doesn’t perform like you expected, we’ll help you get it replaced with something that will.  Need a last-minute repair or a loaner bike to get back on the road?  We got your back.  Want to know which route is best given the current weather and wind conditions?  We are here for you. 

Doesn’t it cost more to buy from you? 

 Not necessarily!  Most legitimate manufactures of bicycle products have a minimum advertised price (MAP) that retailers, online or brick and mortar, must follow.  In some cases online retailers ignore these prices to undercut other retailers and unload their inventory.  In some cases the item you order online might event be a counterfeit.  All of our products come directly from manufacture or authorized distributors so you’re getting the real product.  If you find an item online give us a chance to compare price.  If we can match the price we will, if not we’ll recommend you buy it online.   We also ask you to think about the other value that you get from your local bike shop and keeping the money in the local community.  Is it worth the few extra dollars you might pay?  We think it is.

We appreciate your business

We started Ottawa Bike and Trail because we wanted to build a local community of people who love cycling and the outdoors as much as we do.  We appreciate all of the friends that help us to continue to pursue that vision in Ottawa.  We’ll continue to improve the services we offer in hopes that we can continue to earn your business and demonstrate the value of shopping local! 

Ottawa Bike and Trail Club