I decided to check out the Rock Island Rail Trail in Lee’s Summit Missouri.   This trail is currently only 6.5 miles long, but it is part of the larger Missouri Rail Trail system and will eventually connect to the Rock Island Spur which connects to the Katy Trail.  Once all of the connections are made you’ll be able to ride from the Truman Sports Complex in Kansas City Missouri to St. Louis.     

Because this trail is under construction it was a little difficult to find accurate and up-to-date information about where to park and where the trail starts and ends.  After a little research and a little driving around, I found parking at the Vale Road Trail Head at Vale Road and East 98th Street.   The parking lot had plenty of rooms and puts you on the trail about 1 mile from the North End of the Trail.    I wanted a little longer route than 6.5 miles so I decided to create a loop route that would cover the entire trail but also give me about 25 miles of total riding.  Here’s the full route for my ride.

This route ended up being pretty good.  Most of the route had bike lines or low-traffic roads.  However, there were a few sections where there were little or no shoulders and some heavier traffic.  I’m not that familiar with this area, so It could probably be improved by someone who is more familiar with the roads.  But the route provided great variety and a lot of interest.  The highlight of the route was the Vale Tunnel which is in the last mile or so of the route.   


Ottawa Bike and Trail Club