The weather and road conditions got you down?  Wishing you could put a few miles on your bike?  Don’t worry, we have a solution.  We are now offering demo workouts on our Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart Trainer with ZWIFT.  We’ll hook up your bike to our Wahoo Kickr and show you how easy it is to get started with ZWIFT.  This is a great way to put in some miles and keep on track with your 2020 Club milage goals.  

Workouts are just $15 for one-hour.  If you end up purchasing an indoor trainer, we’ll refund the cost of your workout.  Just click the Link below to schedule your a time for your workout.   

ZWIFT is a virtual world that allows you to ride with 100s of other riders in incredible environments.  The ZWIFT virtual worlds represent real places like London and New York as well as fantasy worlds like Watopia.  Each world has streets, hills, mountains, deserts, towns and real life scenery that you can ride through.  You can also stay motivated with challenges like sprints and hill climbs.  You can ride on your own, or you can join a group ride or race.  

A smart trainer is completely different than a traditional indoor trainer.   When paired with ZWIFT, a smart trainer gives you a real-life riding experience that varies the resistance depending on the riding conditions that are encountered in the virtual ZWIFT world.   When you’re climbing a hill or zooming down the other side, you’ll feel it.  When you’re riding in a large group you’ll feel the draft.   It’s an incredible experience that’s second only to the real thing. 

Ottawa Bike and Trail Club