Pedals are the most important connection between you and your bicycle.  A good quality pedal can make your ride more comfortable as well as add a touch of style to your bike.  We carry a full line of iSSi pedals to match any riding style or preference. 

Why iSSi pedals

We love the quality and serviceability of iSSi pedals.  All iSSi pedals are made of high quality materials that will last many years.  Most iSSi pedals also come in different sizes or spindle lengths to fit different riders.  We also love that they come in a rainbow of colors to look great on any bike.  You can find out more about iSSi pedals here.  

Which Pedals Do I Need?

The first question to answer is do you want flat pedals or clipless pedals?  Clipless pedals connect to the rider’s shoe and are generally considered to provide a more efficient pedal stroke.  They also require some getting used to.  Beginning riders usually prefer flat pedals, but they may decide to upgrade to clipless pedals as they gain experience.   We will be happy to talk with you about the best pedal to meet your needs.

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