Ottawa Bike and Trail is expecting a whole new batch of Surly Bicycles including Bridge Clubs, Disc Truckers, Stagglers, and Midnight Specials.

If you’ve been following us for long you know that the Surly Bridge Club is one of our favorite bicycles.   The Bridge Club is a versatile and comfortable flat bar bicycle that is good for just about any road surface.  It comes in two wheel sizes to handle different riding styles.  Surly just announced a brand new color for the 700c model called “Loo Azul” (AKA Porta-Potty Blue).  We’ll have a limited number of Bridge Clubs in the new color in the shop over the next few weeks. 

If you are interested in learning more or putting your name on a new Surly just click the button below. 

Surly Midnight Special gets a new color!

The Surly Midnight Special is a an all road bike that is super fast on pavement but also very capable when you decide to turn off the tarmac and explore the backroads and trails that Kansas is famous for.  Surly just introduced a brand new color for the midnight special called Sour Strawberry Sparkle!  This new color looks fast and fun and looks especially cool with the tan wall tires by WTB.   We’ll have a few of the new color and also a few in Perry Winkle’s Sparkle.

More Surly Disc Truckers Expected Soon!

The newly designed Surly Disk Trucker has generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm.  The Surly Disk Trucker is a super comfortable touring bike that can be ridden across town, across the state, across the country, or around the world.   We received a small allocation of these bikes and so far the feedback has been fantastic.  We are expecting more sizes in the next few weeks.  For more information check out our earlier post here

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