I am very thrilled to announce that Ottawa Bike and Trial will carry SE BMX Bikes!

My love of bicycles was sparked by the early BMX bikes of the 70s and 80s. I spent most of my waking hours riding my BMX bike all over town with my brother and our friends. We rode our bikes to school every day and spent our weekends riding our bikes to dirt tracks, video game parlors, and pizza joints all over town. We rarely asked our parents for a ride if we could get there on our own two wheels.

My BMX bike was also my source of income as a paperboy. The cash from my paper route, whatever was left after video games, was used to cover repairs and upgrades to increase the cool-factor of my bike.

I think SE Bikes captures the fun and cool feeling of the early days of BMX. SE makes a full line of quality BMX bikes for kids of all ages. They also make larger size retro-style BMX cruisers. Their BMX cruisers are growing in popularity and are helping kids discover the fun of cycling.

I’m really looking forward to showing these bikes off in the shop.

Here are some pictures of the SE “PK Big Ripper”. 

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