Surly is not your ordinary bicycle company.   When we started Ottawa Bike and Trail we were adamant that Surly would be a big part of our lineup.  We believed that Surly was the prefect fit for several reasons.  First, they build incredible steel bicycles that are geared toward adventure, touring and gravel.   Their lineup fits well with the riding conditions that the trails and gravel surrounding Ottawa provide.  More importantly, their bicycles support the type of riding and touring that we like to do.  Second, Surly doesn’t jump on every industry trend and try to mimic what other bicycle companies are doing.  Surly is truly a company of avid cyclists who build bikes to do what they want and need them to do.   Third, Surly builds bicycles that are meant to be customized.  They plan for, and expect, every rider to customize their bike to meet their personality and needs.

After having their Surly Bicycles in our store from Day 1, we couldn’t be happier with their line-up.  Most importantly, feedback from our customers has been incredible.  

For 2020 we are expanding our lineup of Surly bicycles to include;

We’ll have examples of each of these models in our store, but we can also order any of the other models in the Surly lineup.  If you want to see any of these bikes close up just stop in for a test ride.


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