The Disc Trucker is a pure-bred drop bar touring bike suitable for traveling anywhere in the world on mostly paved roads.

Redesigned Surly Disc Trucker!

As an Intergalacit Surly Dealer, we are super excited about the Long Haul Trucker.  We’ve been fans of the Long Haul Trucker since it was introduced way back in 2007.  The Long Haul Trucker set the industry standard for people wanting to load their bike up and hit the road.  The Trucker has gained a cult following and become one of the most beloved bikes by Surly fans.

What are the changes?

The Trucker has gone through a few changes over the years including adding the disc brake option in 2012.  While this bike retains the same great Trucker design it also takes advantage of some of the recent advances in bike technology.   One improvement is the addition of a thru-axel.  This makes the bike stiffer and also improves the performance with disc brakes.  In true Surly fashion they didn’t just add a standard thru-axel, but they came up with their own design with a drop-out on one side to make it easier to change a tire on a loaded bike.  The other unique Surly design feature is the Truck-Stop Handlebar.  This adds some lift to the bars to give you a more comfortable upright riding position.  We’ve ridden these bars on other bikes and it’s incredible how comfortable they are.  The other major change is new Pea Lime Soup color.  We love it, but if you are not into it also comes in classic black.

How Can I Get One?

The new Surly Disc Trucker will be shipping in mid-July.  We will ordering a few in medium sizes to demo in the shop.  However, supplies may be limited, so if you want the new Surly Disc Trucker please contact us and we’ll include a bike in our initial order.  This will give you the best chance of getting your hands on one. 

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