Our van-supported group tours make it easy for you to experience the Prairie Spirit and Flint Hills Nature Trails.  Our tours make an excellent outing for a group of friends.  Or, if you’re a single rider you can join our group and make some new friends.

Ottawa Bike and Trail currently offers two van-supported tours.  We can also create customized tours to meet the needs of your group.

Discover Flint Hills Nature Trail

Discover Prarie Spirit Trail

How do the tours work?

Our tour groups meet at our store in Ottawa for pre-ride coffee.  After a short information session, you and your bike are loaded on our air-conditioned support van and transported to your chosen drop-off point on the trail.  You then ride the trail back to Ottawa at your own pace.  This format gives you the freedom to choose the number of miles you want to ride and allows you to ride at your chosen pace.

No worries!

Our friendly support team will meet riders at specific points along the trail to provide water, snacks, and general support.  They will also have basic mechanical supplies to help you fix any problems and get back on the trail.

The best part is that riders have the option of jumping on our support van at any time.  This means that riders can ride as much, or as little of the trails as they want.  When a rider is done for the day they can be transported to the end of the trail in air-conditioned comfort.

Why take a supported tour?

  • Experience the entire trail:  Our van support allows you to park your vehicle in Ottawa and experience the entire trail without worrying about how to get back to your vehicle.
  • Ride with a group:  Our tours allow you to ride as a group regardless of the different experience of fitness levels.  The group format also means you will meet new friends along the way.
  • No worries:  We want you to enjoy the trail and not have to worry about having issues or getting back to your car.
  • Rentals Available:  We have high-quality, trail-ready bikes available for rental!  Just let us know you need a rental when you sign-up for your tour.

Make a weekend of it.

On a typical weekend, our shuttles will support the Flint Hills Nature Trail on Saturday and Prairie Spirit Trail on Sunday.  This means you can ride both trails in one weekend!  We even offer discounts to riders who choose to ride both trails.

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