This vintage Peugeot Mixte is not a rare bike, it’s not an expensive bike, and It’s not going to win any races. However, we think the classic looks of the Mixte Frame and the incredible Peugeot color scheme make this bike beautiful!  It’s also a quality built bike with good materials and it rides like a dream.   We love breathing life into these beautiful on bicycles and we are always surprised and pleased with the results.     


Peugeot, and other companies mass-produced mixte’s in the 1970s and 80s and they were sold as recreational bikes to be used for commuting and getting around town.  The mixte was popular before riding a bike meant getting dressed up in Lycra and going for Strava segments. The term mixte, pronounced meext in French, but MIX-tee in English – is a step-through frame that was meant to be unisex. However, most people associate the step-through design as a woman’s frame design. I find the upright riding position and stiff frame of the mixte to provide a very comfortable but agile ride.  I’d call it an early comfort bike, before that meant a bicycle with shocks on the fork and the seat post.   


This Peugeot Mixte is in excellent condition and we just took the bike apart and did a light restoration to get it looking like new. We made a few adjustments to the design and added a beautiful Brooks B67 saddle.  The bike is a head turner for sure.  


If you have a bicycle that needs a loving restoration please let us know.



Ottawa Bike and Trail Club