Ross was a maker of high quality mountain bikes in the early 1980s just as mountain bikes were becoming popular.  The Mt. Whitney was Ross’s high-end model and featured a chrome finish and the shimano deer head drive train.  This model was also distinguised by the “bull moose” handle bars which were appearing on simlar mount bikes of the time.  

We’ve owned this Ross Mt. Whitney since before we opened Ottawa Bike and Trail.  We have recently made a few upgrades to the bike so that we can use it for running earands around town.   We added a set of Surly Extraterrestrial Tires, a Wald 137 Basket, a set of King Cages, and ODI Grips.  While this bike may not be a great mountain bike by today’s standards, it makes a damn fine grocery getter.  We also think it’s quite beautiful. 

Ottawa Bike and Trail Club